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Venezuela'​s 26-goal Gold Cup

Venezuela 26-goal Gold Cup opens with a 7-5 win for Caracas

By Alex Webbe

Three 25-goal teams got the high-goal Gold Cup started on Wednesday, September

18 with Caracas Polo (Victor Vargas, Toto Collardin, Juan Brane and Pablo Jauretche)

scoring a 7-5 win over Tucacas (Facundo Castagnola, Santiago Cernadas, Toto Urturi

and Marcelo Frayssinet).

Caracas Polo registered a fall season opening win in the Torneo de Polo Ernesto

Vogeler Mendoza.  Caracas Polo team captain Victor Vargas and is trying to run the

table as they scored an opening round win in the club’s 26-goal Gold Cup and have

already chalked up a win in the 26-goal Gold Cup.

Tournament play continues on Monday, September 23 when Agualinda (Sebastian

Harriot, Agustin Canale, Martin Espain and Juan Harriot) faces Tucacas.

Tucacas will then have to bounce back to face Caracas Polo on Wednesday,

September 25.  The finals are slated to be played on Wednesday, October 2.

One of the most ambitious polo seasons in Venezuelan polo history, the Caracas Polo

Club staged three high-goal polo tournaments in May and have offered a second fall

season with three high-goal tournaments in September and October.