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Hurlingham Open-10-15-13

La Dolfina and La Aguada score first round wins By Alex Webbe

La Dolfina (Adolfo Cambiaso, Pelon Stirling, Pablo MacDonough and Juan Martín

Nero) showed no wear and tear from their recent Tortugas Open championship

win as they rolled over Chapaleufú (Alberto Heguy, Francisco Elizalde, Bautista

Heguy and Eduardo Heguy), 22-10, in the opening match of the 2013 Hurlingham

Open at the Hurlingham Club in Buenos Aires.

The 2012 defending champion fell behind 3-2 in the opening chukker. Francisco

Elizalde scored the go-ahead-goal for Chapaleufú to end the period.

Adolfo Cambiaso went right to work in the second chukker, scoring the first

two goals of the chukker to give La Dolfina a 4-3 advantage. Single goals by

teammates Pelon Stirling and Pablo MacDonough extended the lead to three

goals, 6-3. Cambiaso’s second goal of the chukker had La Dolfina on top, 7-3, but

Eduardo Heguy got his team on the scoreboard with a closing goal, 7-4.

Pepe Heguy exchanged goals in the third, each accounting for a pair. The third

period ended with La Dolfina retaining their three goal lead, 9-6.

Goals were hard to come by in the fourth. Cambiaso and Elizalde each scored for

their respective teams. The first half of play, La Dolfina was in front, 10-7.

La Dolfina began to press the attack in the second half. Eduardo Heguy opened

the scoring with a goal for Chapaleufú, 10-8, before the floodgates opened. La

Dolfina racked up four consecutive goals with each member of the team scoring.

Cambiaso led off followed by goals from Juan Martin Nero, MacDonough and

Stirling. The La Dolfina lead had grown to six goals, 14-8.

Elizalde opened the sixth with a goal, but La Dolfina took the game back with

three more goals. Stirling added two and Cambiaso scored once. La Dolfina took

command of the game, 17-9.

Stirling and Nero scored single goals in the seventh for the only offense.

Chapaleufú was unable to successfully mount an attack the entire chukker and fell

behind by ten goals, 19-9.

A totally demoralized Chapaleufú foursome went through the motions in the final

seven minutes of play as La Dolfina rang up the first three goals of the chukker.

Eduardo Heguy ended the game with his fifth goal of the game but it was a well-
oiled La Dolfina offense that rode away with the game, 22-10.

Cambiaso led all scoring with ten goals (three on penalty shots). Stirling added

six goals (one on a penalty conversion). MacDonough and Nero scored three

goals apiece for the win. Eduardo Heguy scored five times for Chapaleufú (three

on penalty conversions). Elizalde accounted for three goals and Pepe Heguy

scored twice in a losing effort.


A case of appendicitis plucked 8-goaler Polito Pieres from the Alegria lineup

(Diego Cavanagh, Hilario Ulloa, Lucas Monteverde and Fred Mannix) which

might have accounted for the team’s 20-15 loss to La Aguada (Guillermo Terrera,

Facundo Sola, Miguel Novillo Astrada, and Nacho Novillo Astrada) in spite of

replacement Diego Cavanagh’s six goals in the second Hurlingham Open game of

the day.

Diego Cavanagh had been playing with La Matera in the qualifying rounds before

being eliminated in semifinal play by Chapaleufú, and was fortunate enough to

extend his Open season by joining the Alegria entry.

La Aguada took an early lead, 2-1, in the opening chukker as both teams felt out

the other’s strengths and weaknesses. Alegria had beaten La Aguada 13-8 in

Tortugas Open play, but on Tuesday afternoon they rode onto the field with a

different lineup and little practice time as a team.

The La Aguada lead stretched to 5-3 after the second chukker and 11-8 at the end

of the first half. A four goal fifth period stretched the La Aguada lead to six goals,

15-9 as their teamwork resulted in goal after goal.

Alegria made a late charge, cutting the La Aguada lead to five goals, 16-11 in the

sixth. For the balance of the match Alegria could do no better than to match La

Aguada goal for goal, falling 20-15 at the end of the game.

A balanced La Aguada attack had Miguel Novillo and Nacho Novillo Astrada

scoring six goals apiece (three of Miguel’s were on penalty conversions).

Guillermo Terrera and Facundo Sola each scored four times (three of Sola’s

goals were on penalty shots). Cavanagh scored two of his team high six goals

on penalty conversions. Ulloa added five goals (one on a penalty shot). Lucas

Monteverde and Fred Mannix scored two goals each in the loss.

Hurlingham Open action continues on Wednesday, October 16th

Piaget (Facundo Pieres, Gonzalito Pieres, Mariano Aguerre and Nicolás Pieres)

facing Magual (Alejandro Muzzio, Ignacio Toccalino, Marcos Di Paola and Jaime

Huidobro) at 2PM followed by a battle between La Natividad (Sapo Caset, Nachi

Heguy, Rodrigo Andrade and Lolo Castagnola) and La Aguada - Las Monjitas

(Agustin Merlos, Magoo Laprida, Eduardo Novillo Astrada, Alejandro Novillo

Astrada) at 4:30PM at the Hurlingham Club.

 with Ellerstina/